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I have a reconditioned Whirpool gas dryer. The power is working but the drum will not spin. I would like to know the price range on repair, as I am not sure if it is worth putting much money into. Thanks.

Miriam K

A Koolspace wine cooler needs repaired. It doesn't shut off when the appropriate temperature is reached. I have taken it out of the cellar and can deliver it to you it this is something you feel you can work on

Donald C

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Appliance Repair - Appliance Repair Questions
1.20 Appliance Repair Glendale?

Q. Looking for a cheap and dependable appliance repair in Glendale?

A. Looking for the most affordable appliance repair in Glendale? That easy go to Now servicing Nation Wide

1.20 Appliance Repair Los Angeles? - Repair All Brands of Washing Machines?

Q. Looking for a affordable appliance repair in Los Angeles that can repair all brands of washing machines. Must be local in Los Angeles area.

A. Appliance repair Los Angeles? Looking for affordable appliance repair for all brands of Washing machine go to

1.20 Appliance repair in Los Angeles?

Q. Is it any cool appliance repair sources in Los Angeles, CA?

A. Check your local yellow pages or the online yellow pages in your area.

1.20 Whats the average service call cost for an appliance repair person?

Q. What do they usually charge you to come look at your refrigerator etc, i live in VA

A. Mlinda, you really are in need of a local appliance contractor who can give you the actual going local rate for this refrigerator repair project of yours, and, to your advantage, there are many local appliance contractors who are eager to give such estimates for free and with no obligation. Your using this is the consumer-smart approach to find an accurate answer to your question. Getting a local estimate is crucial, as a lot of variables really bear on the cost of such a project, including the following: The cost of material and labor greatly varies by location. Getting free estimates from local appliance contractors to actually determine what your repair project will cost you in your area is key to the success of your project. Here's a great link to a handyman site that offers free very resourceful information to assist you in determining the cost of your project, and, ultimately, selecting a local appliance contractor in an effort to get the best deal for you: I'm hopeful the above will provide you with the information that is necessary to make a wise consumer choice, including helpful guidance in obtaining free written estimates from the local contractors in your area so that you can make an informed decision about your project. (I'm thinking that the free estimates will include a projected service cost price that is far less than the cost of buying a new appliance, so getting free estimates would not hurt you, to say the least.) . Source(s): The Internet. Just whatever is available online and what I have on my mind, including the inclusion of relevant sites, like the one cited that came about from my efforts, which is intended to be useful. Helping people get the relevant info they want is great.

1.20 Where can i find a long brush for cleaning out the dryer vent exhaust tube?

Q. I've tried Lowe's & Home Depot. Give me more suggestions, please.

A. I got one at an appliance parts dealer. It's a 4" round brush attached to a 10' flexible handle. It was $13.

1.20 Should you tip an appliance repair person?

Q. Our washing machine broke and service is covered under warranty. Would you tip the repair person? If so, how much? We are in a tough financial situation.

A. As a rule of thumb, and this is only in my house, I always tip anyone who comes in and repairs something for me. I understand that money is tight, so as an alternate, why not ask the technician, when they are working, if they would like a glass of water, soda or anything cold that you might have on hand. Most people appreciate this. Have a lovely rest of the day. Happiness!

1.20 The probability model below describes the number of repair calls that an appliance repair shop may receive?

Q. The probability model below describes the number of repair calls that an appliance repair shop may receive during one hour. Repair calls 0 1 2 3 Probability 0.1 0.3 0.4 0.2 a) How many calls should the shop expect per hour? Explain your answer.. b) What is the standard deviation?

A. The expected number of calls per hour is the mean value. It is obtained as 'sum of xp'. Here it is 0*0.1+1*0.3+2*0.4+3*0.2 = 1.7 (the symbol * indicates multiplication). Thus an average of 1.7 calls may be expected during one hour. The standard deviation will be E(x^2) - (E(x))^2. This can be calculated as 0^2*0.1 +1^2*0.3+2^2*0.4+3^2*0.2 - 1.7^2 = 0+0.3+4*0.4+9*0.2 - 1.7^2 =3.7 - 2,89 =0.81.

1.20 Appliance Repair Guys: How much of a labor charge would it take to replace a Microwave's Magnetron?

Q. I can't seem to get an answer from anybody...they all want to charge me a service call to have their guy come out and tell me what's wrong with the machine. I just want to know if it's going to be an expensive labor charge, or a cheap one! The part is covered by warranty, but if it's $250 in labor, then I'll just buy a new one! It's an Over-the-Range GE Profile, by the way....I installed it originally, so I could have it down and on the counter, or bring it in to the service center. Could I do the repair myself? Thanks in advance, Greg, aka tonevault

A. Dear Greg, Are you sure it's the Magnetron? How do you know it's not the fuse? If it turns on and runs then you could be right. Make sure it's not a $2 fuse. In that case I'll send you a $100 fuse from California - shipping free lol This link will tell you how to test it yourself. Good luck. Repaired my own with a fuse - twice LOL and I wanted a new one soooo bad. Darn thing lasted almost 25 years. Not a Guy but a smart repair Girl.

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